Floyd Rose introduce the R3 and R3 Special Locking Nuts

Floyd Rose have introduced the R3 and R3 Special Locking Nuts to its vast array of replacement vibrato systems, upgrades and spares.

Manufactured in Germany from high quality hardened steel, the Floyd Rose R3 Series of ‘Special’ Locking Nuts are specifically designed for use with the 1000 Series, 1000 Series Pro, and Special double-locking tremolo systems.

Needless to say, from the company that revolutionised the electric guitar with the invention of the world’s first locking vibrato system in 1977, you can be assured the R3 Series of ‘Special’ Locking Nuts ensure stable, rock-solid tuning that Floyd Rose are famous for.

Looking cool, finished a choice of Chrome, Black or Gold and offset with black clamping screws, these precision engineered locking nuts will also work with non-Floyd Rose and Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo Systems, to once again offer exact and accurate return to pitch, after the most ferocious vibrato action, whilst also increasing sustain, warmth and clarity.

Floyd Rose R3 Series Special Locking Nut.

FR1NR3C Chrome: £34.99 rrp FR1NR3B Black: £37.99 rrp FRINR3G Gold: £39.99 rrp

The new Floyd Rose R3 Locking Nut for Original and Pro Tremolo Systems is also manufactured in Germany from high quality materials.

With performance benefits identical to the R3 Series ‘Special’ Locking nut and, also with the three metal plate string-clamp design, the R3 is the perfect choice for guitar players looking to upgrade and customise electric guitars.

The Floyd Rose R3 Locking Nut is a simple install, to vastly improve the guitars performance, available in a choice of the finishes to match existing hardware.

Floyd Rose R3 Locking Nut.

FRNR3CP Chrome: £49.99 rrp FRNR3BP Black: £54.99 rrp

Floyd Rose vibrato systems and components are distributed exclusively in the UK and ROI by JHS.