Noatronic Wireless Guitar System

Evolved from their award-winning Onboard Expression System, Noatronic presents a Wireless Guitar System taking the term freeto a whole new level.

The system is a powerful digital wireless in itself, thanks to the reliable RTX Sheerlink technology, secure strap-mounting mechanism, and steel battery door.

When swapping the included Onboard Controller for a tone pot, users are able to control any MIDI-controllable pedal directly from the guitar. When turning or pushing the Onboard Controller, the Receiver transmits MIDI messages accordingly.

You can now actually be free to roam around on stage untethered to your pedals.

This real-time and wireless control of effect pedals, combined with a long-range and low latency wireless audio bridge, creates a ton of new possibilities for the performing guitarist.

The Noatronic Wireless Guitar System is available for pre-order via Indiegogo starting at $426 including the pre-order discount.

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