Nembrini’s New EN Hardball Metal Head Guitar Amplifier Plugin

March 6th 2023 sees The latest plugin from Nembrini Audio is the pure and uncompromising EN Hardball Metal Head Guitar Amplifier.

The new plugin is based on the versatile ENGL Powerball II* amplifier known for its extreme low end, crystal clear clean tones, crispy crunch, dense solos and everything in between. Like the original, the new EN Hardball Metal Head Guitar Amplifier plugin has four optimally matched channels to produce seamless distortion. Every gain setting is differentiated and delivered with razor sharp attack, perfect for any guitar with drop tunings.

Listen to it here and watch the video trailer below.

The new Nembrini plugin extends the possibility of the original hardware to help users further customize their tone. It offers users the choice of six different guitar cabinets and four microphone emulations with on/off axis position switch, continuous position and distance knobs. A complete Mixer section with Solos, Mutes, Pans and Faders allows players to combine up to two microphones with ambience. Also included is an Impulse Loader which allows users to blend up to three third party impulse responses.

EN Hardball Metal Head Guitar Amplifier is compatible with Intel, Apple Silicon CPU 1GB RAM, MACOS10.9 or newer, Windows 7 or newer and 64-bit DAW. It requires FREE iLok License Manager and an iLok account.

The new plugin is available at an introductory price of $29.99 (regular price $137.00) until March 31st 2023.

To find out and download the plugin more please go to or

About Nembrini Audio
Nembrini Audio was borne out of the extensive experience of founding namesake Igor Nembrini, with over 10 years of involvement in creating many of the greatest guitar amp plug-ins on the market to his notable name. Needless to say, the company’s exacting emulations always start by perfecting digital reproduction of analogue circuits before being finely tuned by ear to remain true to the original sound. Saying that, it is specialised in the digital reproduction of analogue saturation circuits, whereby the dynamic behaviour of each individual component is carefully modelled and tuned by ear to always achieve the most musical and creamy saturation in the digital world! With that in mind, it does not simply produce musical software but rather musical instruments suitable for every modern musician in search of uncompromising quality — products that work well in any setting and situation to let the creativity of musicians, producers, and mixing engineers flow forth for all to hear!