Boss Unveils Limited Edition Anniversary SD-1 Super Overdrive & MT-2 Metal Zone pedals

Boss have commemorated their legendary SD-1 Super Overdrive and MT-2 Metal Zone pedals by releasing limited-edition counterparts that will only be available throughout 2021. Since their launch 40 and 30 years ago, respectively, the SD-1 and MT-2 pedals have revolutionised the guitar industry, and to say that they have changed the landscape of music is an understatement.

The SD-1 Super Overdrive, since its 1981 release inspired by the OD-1, has been a huge game-changer, with its ability to offer a distinct smooth overdrive tune. Its anniversary counterpart, the SD-1-4A, comes in a special black finish with flashy yellow lettering and gold-capped knobs.


On the other hand, the controversial MT-2 Metal Zone pedal was first introduced in 1991. A continuous commercial success, it offers a three-band active equalizer with semi-parametric midrange for shaping the well-known saturated tone. Its limited-run version, MT-2-3A, features the same sleek black housing with grey lettering and control knobs.

Both pedals pay homage to their predecessors by performing in pretty much the same way. The SD-1-4A vows to serve up tube-like sounds, while the MT-2-3A promises to deliver the fat, saturated sound popularised by its forerunner. They also include a vintage silver thumbscrew for their battery compartments, as well as their respective anniversary logos etched on the commemorative boxes.

Aside from the remarkable success of their classic products, Boss have a lot to celebrate. Despite turning 48 this year, the company still enjoys immense popularity, even in the midst of a pandemic. Continuing their tradition of hard work, they did everything from updating popular, well-loved pedals to releasing a new generation of octave pedals, and their regular customers will continue to patronise their work. Striking a healthy balance between quality construction and compact design, Boss pedals have been some of the most recognisable of their kind in the world of music gear. This has built them a reputation for stunning effects and durability among beginners and seasoned guitarists — Prince, Biffy Clyro, and Eddie Van Halen among them — alike.

Newer pedals like the RV-500 Reverb and MD-500 Modulation pedals have only added to this long history of Boss providing innovative creations with new effects, deep programmability, and advanced features. Beyond pedals, the brand has also branched out to wireless systems and tuners for electronic instruments that provide outstanding plug-and-play experiences.

These advancements come in the middle of what can be called a guitar shortage. Over the past year, instrument sellers reported an astonishing increase in their online sales, as the demand continues to outstrip supply. As the UK implemented lockdowns, the sales of guitars, in particular, shot up, with Gear4music reporting international sales that increased by 68% to £37.3 million.

With more people going back to their old interests or turning to music as their new hobby, it is with certainty that the limited-edition release of these acclaimed guitar pedals will be a big hit for both budding musicians and guitar aficionados.

The Boss SD-1-4A Super Overdrive and MT-2-3A Metal Zone will be made available for a limited time only starting this June for £73 and £120, respectively.