IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube® 5

IK Multimedia’s leading amp and effects modelling software takes a giant leap forward with the release of AmpliTube 5. Accurately capturing the sound, feel and vibe of the world’s most sought-after guitar and bass gear, the new AmpliTube 5 offers a massive increase in gear, features and flexibility.

In sync with this launch, IK Multimedia has also released a newly redesigned Custom Shop, letting users browse and discover new gear models à la carte, audition them and add them to their personal library faster than ever. This new Custom Shop offers a refined, inspiring new look and feel for users of IK’s AmpliTube, T-RackS, and SampleTank programs, and is particularly useful in exploring the now over 400 gear models available for AmpliTube 5.

With 129 new gear models, AmpliTube 5 also offers an all-new cabinet section with completely re-captured cabinets, and improved power amp/speaker cab interaction for dramatically improved sonic authenticity.

An all-new, resizeable interface makes building and routing rigs a breeze, with improved gear selection, drag & drop placement, and support for one-, two- or three-amp rigs with up to 57 simultaneous effects.

AmpliTube’s popular 8-channel DAW now boasts a new mixer window and a selection of effects derived from IK’s award-winning T-RackS 5 to easily craft professionally polished, “just-like-the-album” tones, and an enhanced Looper now offers 2 simultaneous tracks and infinite layers of sound.

AmpliTube 5 can work both as a desktop app and plug-in for any DAW, and it’s available in four versions to suit every need – from the free AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop up through AmpliTube 5 MAX, which offers full access to all current official artist and brand collections.

Nearly 20 years ago, IK introduced the original AmpliTube – the world’s first guitar and bass amp and effects plug-in to model the entire guitar/bass chain, from instrument to recording device, in a hyper-realistic and intuitive way. Today, the diverse AmpliTube series includes collections created with renowned brands such as Fender®, MESA/Boogie® and Orange®, and iconic artists such as Joe Satriani, Brian May and Slash.

Newly redesigned Custom Shop
The AmpliTube Custom Shop offers an affordable and easy way to demo and build a custom gear collection à la carte. AmpliTube 5 features a totally redesigned Custom Shop with a more modern, easy-to-navigate interface, helping users demo and unlock gear faster, unlock preset-specific gear, and more.

AmpliTube Custom Shop is everyone’s free entry into the world of AmpliTube, and gives users 39 pedals, amps, cabs, speakers, racks, mics and rooms. Plus, it unlocks any gear users may have already purchased, making it all sound even better with a sampling of the new enhancements found in AmpliTube 5.

Easy connection to IK interfaces
AmpliTube connects seamlessly with AXE I/O and AXE I/O Solo, IK’s premium audio interfaces with powerful guitar-shaping tools, as well as offering improved integration with iRig Stomp I/O for live use.

Options, pricing and availability
AmpliTube 5 (for Mac/PC) is currently available for purchase from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide, with special introductory pricing continuing through December as follows:

AmpliTube 5 CS – free
AmpliTube 5 SE – $/€99.99* intro price (regular price will be $/€149.99)
AmpliTube 5 – $/€199.99 intro price (regular price will be $/€299.99)
AmpliTube 5 MAX – $/€399.99 intro price (regular price will be $/€599.99)


Existing customers who have registered any IK product for $/€99 or more can upgrade to AmpliTube 5 for the $/€149.99 intro price or AmpliTube 5 MAX for the $/€299.99 intro price.

Special bundle pricing through December 31st, 2020:

Purchase an AXE I/O + AmpliTube 5 MAX for $/€399.99
Purchase an AXE I/O Solo + AmpliTube 5 for $/€299.99
Purchase an iRig Stomp I/O + AmpliTube 5 for $/€349.99
Purchase a Z-TONE Buffer Boost + AmpliTube 5 for $/€239.99
Purchase a Z-TONE DI + AmpliTube 5 for $/€224.99

*All prices excluding taxes

In addition, any customer who purchased AmpliTube 4 or received it as part of a bundle after October 15, 2020, will automatically receive an upgrade to AmpliTube 5 SE.

For more information about AmpliTube 5, please visit: www.amplitube.com/5

To see AmpliTube 5 in action: www.amplitube.com/5/videos