KMA Machines Launches Guardian of the WURM Distortion and Noise Gate

KMA Machines are to pleased to announce a new release; the Guardian of the WURM Metal Distortion with easy to use Noise Gate.

Following the overwhelming response to the WURHM Special Edition HM Distortion in late 2020, KMA Machines are again calling to the legendary cult classic of Metal Distortion. Expanding on the terrorising capabilities of this highly regarded circuit, GUARDIAN of the WURM fuses together the latest evolution of this metal monster with an ultra-fast VCA Noise Gate, making it the definitive chugging, droning and grinding beast.

GUARDIAN of the WURM is shipping Worldwide from Audio Distribution Group soon.

Fusing together the powerful evolution of KMA’s highly regarded WURM Distortion with an intuitive, yet versatile and ultra-fast Noise Gate, GUARDIAN of the WURM is the perfect metal monster. From chugging hard-rock, droning doom metal and grinding Swedish death metal, the beast abides. But through its highly tweakable control set, the pedal can be tamed to provide impeccable clarity to your riffs, making this the definitive dirt pedal for metal, prog-rock, shoegaze, indie and beyond.

Main Features:

  • Distortion Pedal with Built-in Noise Gate
  • The next evolution of KMA’s top-seller WURM, the most extensive and configurable HM-2 style unit on the market
  • Easy-to-use, yet high-performance Blackmer® VCA-based Noise Gate
  • 3 different clipping styles:
    • Silicon (As HM-2)
    • Asymmetric (More grit and less drive compression)
    • Off (Diode lift, perfect for bass and baritones)
  • Clean Blend, for a tight low end
  • Highly configurable 4-band Active EQ, with variable centre-frequencies
  • 3 distinct types of HIGH MIDS frequency controls, to tailor your tone
  • External Trigger Input, allows Noise Gate control from an external source
  • FX-Loop between Distortion and Noise-Gate, for signal-chain flexibility
  • Internal control for an input filter, signal-trigger source and Noise Gate response
  • Relay-based soft-switching, with variable Gate switching modes
  • Made in Berlin, Germany
  • Power by opt. 9 V PSU
    (9 V DC, centre -, 2.1 mm, >150 mA max. current draw)

ERP £269