Orange Amplification Exclusive Deplike App Offer

All Orange Amplification‘s OMEC Teleport audio interfaces registered on the company website will receive a FREE three month subscription to the Deplike app.

The OMEC Teleport is an audio interface for both studio and gigging. Housed in a small effect pedal enclosure, it is a universal connection device which allows analog signals to be converted to digital. Explaining it more, Richard Fortus, Guns N Roses said: ‘The Teleport is a total game changer for me. No dedicated guitar, no specialty pickup to install on a guitar. Any guitar, any pickup and you have a midi controller with no latency issues to control any midi keyboard or soft synth. A total dream come true for me!Devin Townsend noted ‘If you’ve not heard of this great little unit, I highly recommend you take the time to explore what it can do for you. One pedal that acts as a simple conversion for you to use your laptop or phone as a complete guitar rig among many other things. Brilliantly thought out and implemented, Orange!

The Deplike amp and effects application has been precision modelled on a huge range of legendary guitar amps, cabinets and effect pedals. The FREE three month subscription gives OMEC Teleport users a full guitar suite on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and ChromeOS operating systems. It features tools, tones and studio quality effects to help guitarists create their signature tone in a low latency (inc. Android !!) and versatile way.

Deplike said: ‘We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the digital side of Orange Amps. The OMEC Teleport, a super unique audio interface for both studio and gigging and is a universal connection device that is perfectly compatible with the Deplike app!! Now each OMEC Teleport user will receive a full guitar suite three-month subscription on all devices for free!!

To find out more about the OMEC Teleport / Deplike app offer please go to and checkout the new video on the OMEC Teleport at Customers already owning a Teleport can register at and follow instructions.