Fender Unveils Squier Sonic Series

The Squier Sonic™ series marks the dawn of a new era for the Squier® brand, and therefore, the entirety of the Fender® electric guitar universe. Squier Sonic™ series instruments will appeal to new players looking for a quality guitar with easy playability, familiar Fender looks and features, and inspiring tones. In addition to beginners, these guitars are an ideal solution for friends and family looking for the perfect gift, or any player at any stage who is seeking the perfect gateway into the Fender family. The Squier Sonic™ series offers new players an exciting array of value-packed options to launch their musical journey into warp speed with a bevy of exciting and eye-catching colours of all-new models and configurations.


  • Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster®, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster® Left-Handed, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster® HSS, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster® HT, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster® HT H, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Telecaster®, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Esquire® H, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Mustang®, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Mustang® HH, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Bronco® Bass, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Precision Bass®, 2023
  • Squier Sonic™ Stratocaster® Pack, 2023