AAA Guitarist Pete Thorn Releases his Signature Tones Collection

Two Notes Audio Engineering, the world leading innovator and manufacturer of load boxes, attenuators, digital load boxes and digital cabinet emulators via DynIR technology, announces a partnership with legendary guitar player, musician and self-confessed “Guitar Nerd” Pete Thorn.

Pete, along with the Two notes team and the engineers at Sunset Sound Studios, have meticulously captured 5 DynIR virtual cabinets captures (from Pete’s personal collection) to ensure they fall nothing short of perfection. Only the best microphones, a legendary console and of course the very same cabs that have featured on countless recordings throughout Pete’s career were used. Fuse this with the very same space where seminal recordings from Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and countless others were captured, and the end result is palpable. Exquisite tone guaranteed and a collection every certified Tone Chaser should have in their collection.

About Pete Thorn

Pete Thorn is a modern day guitar legend, a self confessed Tone Connoisseur and Guitar Nerd. A hired gun for legends such as Chris Cornell, Don Henley, Melissa Etheridge and countless others, he is maybe better known in recent times as the definitive authority via his hugely successful YouTube channel. One of, if not the, most trusted opinion-leaders within the global guitar community, if Pete says it’s good, then his audience know it will be just that. Flawless style, Check! Virtuosic technique, Check! Influence on legions of guitar players across the globe, Triple Check!

Pete only puts his name on products he trusts, and of course, the gear that will deliver his trademark flawless tone consistently. This level of professional perfection is echoed in his inaugural DynIR release that empowers the guitar community with a nefarious, pristine sonic foundation to shape their own signature sound.

Pete Thorn ‘Signature Tones’ DynIR Collection

Available separately and collectively in the Pete Thorn ‘Signature Tones’ DynIR Collection, these DynIRs are ripe for tone sculpting across any genre. When married with some undeniable mojo from the iconic studio that served as the capture playground for this release, guitarists can inject this unique flavour into their own performance and production with ease. The collection includes:

  • PTBRIT G12M75 Black: Captured from a Celestion® G12M blackback 75 HZ (late 70’s) – 4×12” 1960B – Great for everything from classic rock to metal! This DynIR features a well broken-in G12M Blackback 75 HZ lead cone speaker, loaded in a boutique, vintage-accurate 1960B reproduction cabinet.
  • PTBRIT G12M55 Green: Captured from a Celestion® G12M Greenback 55 HZ (early 70’s) – 4×12” 1960B – Great for everything from classic rock to metal! This DynIR features a well broken- in G12M Greenback 55HZ bass cone speaker, loaded in a boutique, vintage-accurate 1960B reproduction cabinet.
  • PTPC M75: Captured from a Scumback® M75 65W – Port City® 4×12” – A boutique take on the greenback recipe, the Scumback® M75 65W shares many of the characteristics of the classic greenback speakers. Loaded in a very clear sounding Port City® 4×12”, this was Pete’s main cabinet used onstage when touring with Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, and others.
  • PT412 Open Blues: Captured from a Celestion® Alnico Blue, open back custom 4×12” – This cabinet was given to Pete as a gift by Gene Sinigalliano, owner of Ultrasound Music Studio in NYC. This unique cabinet, with its 4×12” open back design, is a perfect match for AC30® and low power Marshall® style amps, for signature classic chime and grind. Try it clean or raunchy!
  • PT15SIG 212: Captured from a Celestion® V30, in Pete’s signature 2×12” – The classic V30 speaker, great for everything from sublime cleans to powerhouse metal tones, loaded in Pete’s signature PT15 2×12” closed back cabinet.

The Outboard

All 5 cabinets have been meticulously captured with 8 industry standard microphones including the Neumann® U47 FET, Audio Technica® AT4050, Sennheiser® MD441, Shure® SM7B, Shure SM57®, Sennheiser® MD421, Beyerdynamic® M160 and a Royer® R-121. Each DynIR was recorded through the legendary 68×16 Sunset Sound Custom Discreet Console via a HH Electronics power Amp.

“It is an honor to welcome an artist of Pete’s reputation and calibre to our expansive library of DynIR virtual cabinets. This release sits perfectly within Two notes’ ever-growing Artist Series roster. Pete, the epitome of a forward thinking musician and producer, was an early adopter of the Two notes technology platform; it is only fitting he releases his own, premium DynIR collection within the Two notes store. The gear, the studio, the outboard: this is a real opportunity to enrich your tone with legendary pieces of gear owned, and used by an icon within our industry. These 5 incredible new cabinets deliver the tonal fire-power, flexibility and response you would expect from a legendary tone chaser such as Pete – all primed for guitarists of all walks to craft their own signature sound”

GuillaumePille – Two notes CEO

“These DynIR’s are an incredibly accurate and easy-to-use solution for those who want great speaker cab tone without all the volume, space, expense, and gear necessary to capture cabinets like this the traditional way! We’ve done the hard work for you, now you can bask in the glory of vintage Greenback goodness, V30 magic, Alnico Blue bliss and M75 scrumptiousness…. with a dose of Sunset Sound studio magic. You just have to provide the amp (and the sweet riffs!)” – Pete Thorn

The all-new Pete Thorn ‘Signature Tones’ DynIR Collection is compatible with all DynIR-enabled Torpedo hardware (including Captor X, C.A.B. M+ and digital legacy products), 3rd party Torpedo embedded devices and the Torpedo Wall of Sound v4 audio plug-in (Mac/PC).

The Pete Thorn ‘Signature Tones’ DynIR collection can be purchased via this link on the Two notes store:

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About Two notes Audio Engineering

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