ADDAC Introduce ADDAC311 Ultra Floor Control

ADDAC System announces its latest innovation in human control for modular synthesis: the ADDAC311 Ultra Floor Control. Most musicians use their feet as an extension of their playing, either pushing piano pedals, sustain pedals or guitar pedals. The function of pedals is vastly underrepresented in modular synths, however, especially considering the tactile, touch-focused nature of modular synthesis and Eurorack.


The new ADDAC311 Ultra Floor Control features 5 foot switches and 5 inputs for external expression pedals, with independent controls for each. Accompanied by a 8 HP Eurorack module, the primary controls of the 311 are in the foot switch itself — allowing the module to remain economically spaced with plenty of I/O. The module itself contains only 10 outputs and a DB25 style connector to the external foot pedal.

Controls on the foot switch include an Action Inversion toggle switch (gate on or off), an Action Mode Slide Switch (enabling gate, trigger or latch functions), External Expression Pedal Controls (allowing ‘toe to heel’, ‘mute’ or ‘heel to toe’ functions) as well as an Attenuverter (enabling Positive 0 to +5v max range, or Negative 0 to -5v max range). ​ An output state LED monitor is also included so users can see the output voltage state of the foot switch.


  • 8Hp module
  • External floor pedal
  • 3 meters DB25 connector cable (optional)
  • 5 Footswitches with 0 +5v Gate outputs and state led monitor
  • 5 Expression pedals inputs with -5v +5v CV outputs and 2 state led monitors

While the most common expression pedals on the market are TRS pedals, there are also two other standards: RTS and TS. All five ADDAC311 are designed to function with TRS pedals. External expression pedals are required for the outputs to function, and external expression pedals are not included.

For more information or to order, please visit the ADDAC System product page or visit one of ADDAC System’s authorised dealers. ​ The ADDAC311 Ultra Floor Control is priced at €380 and available now.