CAD Audio Launches WXGTS Digital Wireless Guitar System

The new CAD Audio WXGTS Digital Wireless Guitar System provides high-quality wireless audio in an easy to use, compact design, eliminating the need for cumbersome body packs, offering speedy instrument changes in the studio or live stage environment.

Synchronising channels and frequencies at the touch of a button and with status LEDs for power, pairing, transmitting mode and low battery level, this stylish WXGTS Digital Wireless Guitar System, operates within the 2.4 GHz bandwidth, delivering pristine, interference-free 24-bit audio quality.

Built with robust materials within a cool guitar shape design and a 280-degree rotating body, the CAD WXGTS can support up to 6 units operating simultaneously, or one transmitter paired with as many as 6 receivers at a time, with up to 100ft range of maximum freedom of movement, and 5 hours performance from one single USB charge.

The WXGTS Digital Wireless Guitar System includes a double USB charging lead and 1/4″ jack to stereo 3.5mm adaptor.

Whilst designed for acoustic, electric and bass guitar players to freely roam the stage, studio or rehearsal room, the versatile CAD Audio WXGTS Digital Wireless Guitar System, also provides dependable wireless performance for use with a host of electronic instruments like keyboards, synthesisers or electronic drums for example.

The CAD Audio WXGTS Digital Wireless Guitar System is the perfect choice for musicians who have yet to experience the benefits of a lead-free performance and, another superb example from the vast range of CAD Audio Professional instrument products.

Price: £99.99 rrp. Includes double USB charging lead.

CAD Audio products are distributed exclusively in the UK and ROI by JHS.