Charvel Launch Sean Long Signature Guitar

Charvel today announced the launch of the highly-anticipated Sean Long Signature Pro-Mod San Dimas® Style 1 HH HT M. The British metal legend and While She Sleeps founder’s first-ever Signature guitar was built with relentless music makers in mind – designed to deliver scorching sounds at high velocities and look as unmistakable as it plays.

If you were to transform me into a guitar, this would be it,” Sean Long says of his first instrument launch. “Seeing this come to life was a total dream – when I met my Signature model for the first time, I instantly created a riff which made it onto our latest While She Sleeps record. To me, the guitar is a vessel to express myself and I’ve never written music so easily as on this model – I created this in the hopes that others would play it and be inspired to write the best music they have ever written.

Charvel Sean Long

Hailing from Sheffield, UK, the innovative While She Sleeps has been tearing it up on the metal scene for over 15 years now with a DIY approach, amassing a hardcore audience across the world and quickly becoming synonymous with high-energy and high-acclaim live performances. Their latest album ‘SLEEPS SOCIETY’ incorporated the launch of their fan-oriented community of the same name, providing a platform for the band to share insight into their inner workings with their fans on an unprecedented level. “I felt the guitar community was missing a San Dimas in gloss black, so here she is,” says Long of his Signature guitar. “With Charvel, you know every feature and spec is the best possible quality and everyone knows if you want this kind of quality – you have to come here.

Founding member, guitarist and primary songwriter Sean Long is a perfectionist with an artistic spirit and his intense riffs, searing tone, and zero-holds-barred approach to guitar playing is widely admired within the guitar community. When it came to developing his signature instrument, it was vital to build a tool that allows maximum creative expression. “It’s not about being tidy, or precise,” Long says, “it’s about exhibiting your ideas and emotions in any way that works for you.”

The fact that I failed school and college and haven’t had a single guitar lesson in my life, along with knowing zero music theory – this guitar is a reflection of what’s possible regardless of your ‘professional credentials’ and I want people to see that if I can do something like this, then they can too.

Charvel Sean Long

Sean Long is a true innovator and we could not be more excited about this Signature launch,” added Jon Romanowski, VP, Category Management Charvel. “The guitar world looks to Sean as somebody who creates, bends and owns musical genres and this guitar is a simply beautiful creation which will allow players all over the world to do the same. He had a vision for this guitar and it was an honor for Charvel to bring that to life for him.

For over forty years, Charvel has been the go-to brand for musicians demanding exceptional guitar design and performance, and the brand new collaboration with Sean Long offers just this. Players who want a look as striking as their sound will love the gloss black body complete with an EMG 57 neon yellow bridge pickup, black EMG 66 neck pickup and black hardware.The EMG 57 bridge pickup evokes an unmistakably PAF quality with plenty of headroom and punch for unparalleled definition and presence, while an EMG 66 neck pickup provides the warm, smooth mid-range and expansive lows along with clarity in the upper register. In addition, a bolt-on maple neck with graphite reinforcement and hand-rubbed satin urethane finish on the back make for the premium feel Charvel is famous for, while the Luminlay side dots make the fingerboard unmissable even on the darkest stages.

For Sean Long, comfort and convenience are incredibly important. A 12”-16” compound radius maple fingerboard and heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel offer just that – an optimal playing experience which makes blazing-fast leads, aggressive bends or experimenting with chords easier and more comfortable than ever.

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