Cream T Guitars Announce New Billy F Gibbons Designed Guitar – “Aurora”

Legendary pickup maker Thomas Nilsen has teamed up with his long term friend Billy F Gibbons to design a new guitar under the new Cream T Guitar brand name. Thomas has made pickups for Billy for over a decade, but this is the first time they have designed a guitar together, and it is exquisite.

Named “The Aurora” and manufactured in the UK by PJD this guitar has stunning good looks as well as amazing versatility thanks to the incorporation of Relish Guitars’ proprietary pickup swapping technology. Players can swap between a range of pickups in seconds: from PAF style humbuckers to P90s to Cream T’s unique “Bangers & Mash” and many more.

The styling clearly has classic routes, and is strangely familiar whilst remaining fresh and new. Under the stunning maple quilts of the top models Billy and Thomas’ initials are carved out of the mahogany body to create a unique chambering for weight relief.

Available with both fixed or swappable pickups and in Standard, Custom and Signature BFGT models, there is an option for everyone. Cream T Guitars are currently taking orders with the first guitars falling into players hands at the end of October. Prices start at 2400 euros and go up to 4800 euros.

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