Fender Launch Hammertone Effects Pedals

Fender has recently launched the Hammertone Effect Pedals. This line of pedals is more approachable with an easy-to-use interface that demystifies pedals and helps players look to take their bass or guitar tone to the next level.

Fender R&D team member Stan Cotey designed these sounds with the intention of creating a credible family of effects to cover a wide range of sounds. This accessible line brings an end-to-end solution to Fender’s iconic sounds to support players as they learn to play or seasoned players that are exploring their creative journey. Used individually or stacked to create a chain, these 9 must-have effects can tackle any tone.

Here’s what makes the design accessible/innovative:

  • Maximum of four knobs and two toggle switches for the user controls, which means they are all conceptually easy to understand
  • There are no hidden functions (which you push and hold something and turn something else and then the table across the room levitates)
  • There are no displays or typical user interface objects (cursors, etc.).
  • All three of these point to the HTs being a what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface where the user can’t get too lost. It’s easy to find new sounds and then find them again when wanted
  • Compact form factor, designed to fit on any pedalboard

For more info about Fender Hammertone Effacts Pedals, visit: www.fender.com/hammertonepedals