Gibson Guitars and Calton Cases Unite for a Collaboration Reflecting High Quality American Craftsmanship

After a thrilling period of extensive collaboration, two goliaths of guitar engineering and design Gibson and Calton Cases, have united to unveil the first ever Gibson Signature Series of guitar cases, powered by Calton Cases.

“I am excited to offer the new collaboration with Calton,” says Cesar Gueikian of Gibson. “When it comes to traveling and sending my personal collection around the world for our artists to use in the studio, at home, and on tour, I rely on Calton to keep them safe. We are thrilled to partner with Calton to create and offer this new Gibson Signature Series by Calton and offer it to our fans.”
“It’s thrilling to work directly with such a historic and influential megaforce in the music industry,” adds Jeff Poss, Owner of Calton Cases. “The team at Gibson are attentive to every detail; it’s why we get along so well and surely why the Gibson Signature Series are the best cases to come out of Calton, ever.”
An American icon for 126 years, Gibson has been a heroic figure across all genres of music, a symbol of quality in sound and guitar design worldwide now paving the way for another century of success in guitar stylings and creativity. For over 50 years, Calton Cases has proudly designed customized cases for guitarists that have protected and lengthened the lifespan of their beloved guitars with custom flair, so instruments can transcend generations. Guitars are a legacy, carried over generations in songs sung and stories told and at Calton Cases, we identify with Gibson’s unmatched quality and attention to detail. Every case at Calton Cases is customized and tailored to preserve each unique and amazing guitar for a lifetime and more and every Gibson guitar is a tool for legendary music in the making. The resulting Gibson Signature Series by Calton Cases has forged an immaculate line of guitar cases, well-designed and built, and collaboratively customized from look and feel to strength and durability.
David Ramirez pictured with his Gibson ES-335 in Walnut and a Gibson Signature Series by Calton Cases, Archtop case.
There is no compromise in the aesthetic and endurance of the new Gibson Signature Series. The brown and subtle metallic-copper gelcoat exterior is an electrifying embodiment of the classic combined with modern ideals for which Calton is renowned worldwide. Meanwhile, the sumptuous Gibson color-matched plush pink interior and riotous brass hardware rock Gibson’s rebellious spirit.
With the success of this launch the Gibson Signature Series by Calton Cases, it’s clear that Gibson guitars and Calton Cases will continue this unstoppable unity for many years to come.