Hagstrom Announce 2023 Swede and Super Swede

Hagstrom is thrilled to officially launch the revamped Swede and Super Swede models, tailor-made for contemporary players and tone enthusiasts.

The team at Hagstrom dedicated years to innovating, testing and refining these new designs, resulting in a line of guitars that retain the timeless qualities of their classic predecessors, while incorporating new features and capabilities that meet the demands and expectations of modern musicians.

Hagstrom are proud to present a series of guitars that embody the legacy of the Swede and Super Swede, yet also offer cutting-edge advancements for today’s players.


Reimagined, Redefined, Revived

It’s hardly surprising for popular classics to remain unaltered, as their initial success can make them seem untouchable. However, creative minds continue to challenge and reconsider these concepts, seeking ways to enhance and improve them. Even seemingly perfect products can benefit from innovation and reinvention.

We are thrilled to introduce the revitalised and revamped Swede and Super Swede models, which have been reimagined and redefined for a contemporary audience. This collection is the result of years of dedication, testing and innovation by our team.

Through specialised techniques and creative problem-solving, Hagstrom has set a new standard for guitar development, blending modern solutions with intuitive design. The result is a series of guitars that honour the timeless quality of their predecessors while offering new features and capabilities that meet the needs and expectations of today’s musicians.

Basis of Tone

Mahogany has been a popular choice for guitarists for many years because of its incredible sonic qualities. When combined with a ¾” (2cm) thick top made of Canadian hard maple and enhanced by a top-grade flamed maple veneer, the resulting tone is well- balanced and visually appealing. This combination of tonewoods is perfect for musicians who are looking for the ultimate tone and response in their instruments. To enhance the already amazing tone, the renowned “Lundgren Design” pickups are added, like fine seasoning on a gourmet meal. Johan Lundgren, the pickup guru, has created a special recipe that adds an extra dose of “Swedish Zing” to the instrument’s natural tone, making it sing and resonate like never before. This results in a tonal palette that is versatile and powerful, suitable for musicians of all styles and preferences.

Modern Solutions

Adaptation is key in today’s ever-changing world, and Hagstrom understands this well. We have implemented innovative solutions to ensure that the guitars are both roadworthy and reliable. To address concerns around angled headstocks, each new Swede and Super Swede is equipped with a perfectly lodged “Volute” at the back of the headstock. This provides additional support and strength to this critical area, ensuring that the instrument can withstand the demands of any world tour. Moreover, further reinforcements are applied deep within the construction, ensuring the guitar’s durability. Tuning stability is also crucial for musicians, and that’s why each guitar is equipped with our newly designed higher ratio Hagstrom 19:1 locking tuners. This enables quick string changes and easy tuning adjustments on the fly, without sacrificing stability. These modern solutions provide musicians with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their music and perform at their best, no matter what the situation is.

Crucial Connections

The body and neck joint is a vital part of stringed instruments. When done correctly, it allows for a seamless flow of tone, energy, and resonance. Hagstrom has developed an innovative neck joint design called the “Nape-Tenon,” which combines the custom shop-proven mortise and tenon design with a recessed neck body joint. It enables easy access to even the highest frets without sacrificing tone, resonance, or comfort. Although this construction process may take more time and effort, we firmly believe

that shortcuts are not an option when striving for excellence. At Hagstrom, we recognise that critical connections are essential in every aspect of guitar design, from the body and neck joint to the electronics and hardware. Our commitment to using high- quality materials and expert craftsmanship sets us apart and guarantees that every musician who plays our instruments experiences exceptional tone, playability and reliability.

Honouring Our Family Roots

Hagstrom has a long-standing tradition of excellence and distinction in crafting fine instruments, represented by the centuries- old Hagstrom crest that adorns each of our guitars. This emblem represents the “Hagstrom Clan,” a family with a rich history and a deep connection to guitar – and instrument making. It is a symbol of honour and pride that has been worn with distinction for centuries and continues to be a powerful emblem of the company’s dedication to quality and excellence in modern times.

Hagstrom is committed to honouring these family roots in everything we do. We are proud of our heritage and strive to embody the values that have made the family and instruments so respected and admired throughout time. This dedication is evident in every aspect, from the design and construction of the instruments to the materials used and the people we work with. In short, Hagstrom is a company committed to family values and dedicated to crafting instruments of the highest quality. The Hagstrom crest serves as a symbol of this devotion to excellence and promise to honour the family roots in all that we do.


Available to order from Rosetti now, with first delivery expected June – all models/finishes are supplied with a Hagstrom hard case with an SRP of £1375.