Hamstead Soundworks launch Subspace Intergalactic Driver for bass and electric guitars at Winter NAMM 2020

Aimed at both guitar and bass players, the new Subspace Intergalactic Driver from Hamstead Soundworks features the versatility of the renowned Odyssey overdrive, re-voiced with the focus on the mid range and low end frequency spectrum.

The new Subspace Intergalactic Driver doesn’t stop at just one extremely versatile Overdrive, Boost, Distortion and Fuzz pedal, it’s also a massive problem solver both live and in the studio.

Guitar and bass players will also love the Parallel control which splits the input signal with a buffer, allowing 100% of the clean signal to run in parallel with the drive circuit with no phase issues. This gives the option to boost and preserve the original clean dry signal and mix with a series of comprehensive onboard overdrive options, without the loss of bass response or losing your tone’s core profile.

Bass lines, chords and single note riffs noticeably have more depth and clarity, effortlessly creating warm vintage tones and all in all, a much bigger sound, and controllable baritone frequencies in the lower register as well as punchy mid focus.

The new Subspace Intergalactic Driver is based on the all-analogue-circuitry from the company’s best selling Odyssey Intergalactic Driver with the full control assembly incorporating Tone, Bass, Treble, Gain, Parallel and Level controls, as well as a -10dB pad switch.

A trio of mini toggle switches offer total control and infinite tonal options within pre or post active equalisation, three input levels and three clipping circuits, allowing the user to shape the overdrive quality to their liking. Either find your perfect tone and set and forget, or go on a journey through tone finding new inspiring sounds at every turn.


Toggles the active EQ circuit before (PR) or after (PO) the ‘Drive’ circuit opening up a huge range of drive sounds, whilst (EQ) bypasses the drive and tone controls offering a huge 20dB of clean tone shaping EQ boost.

Switch: X1 X2 X5. INPUT GAIN.

Three input levels (X1, X2, X5), offer complete control of the guitar’s input. With up to five times input boost, the Subspace Intergalactic Driver can enhance or tame all popular guitar and bass guitar pickups from low output single coils to high output humbuckers.

Switch: C1 C2 C3. DRIVE CIRCUIT.

The C1 C2 C3 switch, offers complete control over symmetrical, asymmetrical and multiple clipping circuits from heavily processed to totally transparent drive tones. The Subspace Intergalactic Driver, effortlessly delivers low gain crunch, high output overdrive and onward into glitchy fuzz all with an incredible dynamic range, defined pick attack and ultra touch-sensitive response

Featuring GigRig’s OptoKick optical footswitch for silent and reliable switching, the new Subspace Intergalactic Driver from Hamstead Soundworks, is a highly versatile, superb sounding guitar and bass overdrive that lets the player choose where to sit in the mix, without losing any of the all important low end frequencies.

Hamstead Soundworks Subspace Intergalactic Driver £249/€299/$319 USD RRP.