Introducing the all-new ‘Beginner’s Hub’ on

After millions of new players started their learning journey during the pandemic, there are more guitar players out there than ever before. As you know, guitar transcends genres and music spans all borders, demographics, and cultures. Fender is continuously committed to robust action to remove any barriers to entry and is proud to announce the launch of its all-new Beginner’s Hub on – a one-stop destination for everybody and anybody starting out on their own personal learning journey.

“The pandemic rapidly accelerated the already healthy growth in beginner guitar players and we accelerated our investment in tools to support them,” said Andy Mooney, CEO Fender. “Our suite of Beginner Tools enables new players to enjoy the process of learning to play music they love and perhaps go on to create music we all will love.”

The Beginner’s Hub will include proprietary guitar technology including Find Your Fender, Fender Play, and Fender Tune, revolutionising the brand’s product journey to cater to the experiences of the largest wave of new players ever seen. Fender also has curated bundles for electric/acoustic guitars, bass guitar and ukulele on a section of the Beginner Hub, and all are organised by level starting with Basic and then getting more premium with Beginner and Beginner+ for more familiar players. From the instrument and amps to accessories, these bundles have everything for beginners to get started, and there are options for younger learners, as well.

Fender aims to eliminate the guesswork that can come from starting guitar and demystifying what can be an intimidating new hobby and has a deeper commitment to players than simply selling them the right guitar; it has also developed robust tools to keep players committed to practicing and developing a lifelong skill. With this goal in mind, the Beginner’s Hub will provide users with access to Fender Play®, Fender’s complete online learning app for guitar, bass and ukulele. With song tabs, bite-sized lessons, trackable progress, and a song-based curriculum with video lessons straight from the songwriters themselves, Fender Play is designed to help players overcome difficulties and experience the joy that comes from mastering guitar. To inspire further dedication, Fender will tap first person insight from top artists like Brother’s Osborn, Brad Paisley, Larkin Poe and Jim Root. The legendary guitarists will walk new players through their unique “My First Fender” experiences via video, providing a fan-to-artist connection that demystifies the beginner to the recording star pipeline.

Additionally, the Hub will take the guesswork out of starting by including the Find Your Fender quiz — which after a series of questions matches each user’s musical taste, aesthetic preferences and price range with the perfect guitar, or bass or ukulele for them. Find Your Fender also recommends the ideal amplifier to accompany an instrument, helping players have everything they need from the outset of their guitar journey. Whether a new player is looking to learn guitar as a tool for self-improvement or for creative expression, Find Your Fender can determine exactly the setup needed to fulfill the goal. Find Your Fender will make the gear selection process with a quiz and consequent personalized guitar, bass and ukulele recommendations.