Jackson Launches Apparel, Strings, Straps, & Cables for the Heavy Metal Fan

Jackson has launched all-new apparel, strings, straps & cables tailored for the heavy metal thrasher. For over forty years, Jackson’s reputation as the brand built to handle heavy music has been recognised and respected by artists around the globe and now, fans of the high-performance brand have been given accessories to fit their unmatchable style.

  • Jackson Apparel: Three exciting new designs with blood-thirsty typography, skeletal thrashers, and feral sharks
  • Jackson Straps: Vicious new designs including Blood Splatter and Metal Studs ooze heavy metal style
  • Jackson Cables: 6.66M length cables provide the devilish link from your Jackson guitar to your amplifier
  • Jackson Strings: Strings designed with high performance guitar players in mind. New unique gauge sets not originally offered within Fender’s portfolio of brands

To see a complete lineup of Jackson’s all-new accessories, click here.