Kramer Makes Comeback

Kramer, the original MADE TO ROCK HARD guitar brand is coming back, shredding all rules and boundaries in 2020 with a new energy, a new image, new guitar collections and new artist collaborations. The ‘Made to Rock Hard’ Kramer Original and Modern Collections span entry-level and intermediate guitars to professional offerings across our entire line, including the USA assembled Custom Graphic Collection–hand-painted by legendary Kramer graphic artists. “We are leveling-up and giving hard rock and heavy metal shredders what they want as we launch new collections and artist collaborations during Winter NAMM 2020,” says Cesar Gueikian, Chief Merchant Officer of Gibson.
Visit the new MADE TO ROCK HARD Kramer Collection in Anaheim, CA (January 15-19) in Ballroom A (3rdFloor). For more information on Kramer, visit:
Kramer’s Original Collection will include the Icon, Baretta, Pacer, Focus, and SM-1whereas, the Modern Collection will feature the Assault, Striker, Nite-V, Bass and more. Early artist collaborations for Kramer include the Tracii Guns “Gunstar Voyager,”the Charlie Parra “Vanguard” and the Dave Sabo “Snake-Baretta” with much more to come.