Line 6 Debuts Three Catalyst Combo Amplifiers

Line 6 today introduced the CatalystTM family of guitar amplifiers, comprising the Catalyst 200 2×12 combo and the Catalyst 100 and Catalyst 60 1×12 combos. These dual-channel amplifiers look and perform like traditional amplifiers—while offering the increased versatility of modern amps.

From the 200-watt Catalyst 200, capable of holding its own on nearly any stage, to the 60-watt Catalyst 60, which is perfect for practice, recording, and performing in small venues—there’s a Catalyst amp for every player.

Catalyst 200

“Our mission was to provide a new twist on the traditional 2-channel amplifier,” said Rick Gagliano, Product Manager, Line 6. “Our award-winning sound design team created six original amp voicings, any two of which may be loaded simultaneously and instantly switched between. And, of course, we also included a nice selection of Line 6 reverbs and other effects to sweeten the package.”

The six Original Amp Designs were crafted using our renowned HX®sound design techniques to ensure exceptional tone and feel. Amplifier types range from pristine clean to classic crunch to modern high-gain—and each includes a switchable Boost specially designed to complement the individual amp type. Any two amp types and their settings may be saved as A and B presets, then instantly switched between using the onboard A/B switch or an optional LFS2 Footswitch (sold separately). Up to six A/B amplifier combinations may be saved into memory for rapid recall.

Catalyst 100

Catalyst amplifiers feature controls that will be familiar to any guitarist, including standard Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Gain, and Master volume knobs. There are also knobs for the dedicated Boost and Reverb sections, as well as an Effects level knob. What guitarists won’tfind are LCD screens and menus.

The Reverb section offers a choice of six reverb types: Spring, Hall, Chamber, Plate, and two Line 6 original reverbs that provide shimmering spatial effects. Additionally, there are 18 Delay, Modulation, and Pitch effects, six of each type. The reverbs and other effects are all drawn from the Line 6 HX®and Legacy effects libraries. The tempo for time-based effects may be set using the Tap/Tuner button, also used to engage the onboard tuner.

Catalyst 60

Additionally, Catalyst amplifiers feature effects loops for inserting external effects and other devices into the signal chain, and Power Amp inputs, allowing Catalyst to be used as a powered speaker by bypassing the preamp (perfect for use with amp modelers and amp simulators). There’s also a professional XLR direct output for live performance and recording, MIDI In (Catalyst 200 and 100 only), and a 4/4-channel audio interface, MIDI, and Mac®/PC connectivity via USB. A power attenuator provides a choice of half-power, 0.5-watts, or Mute. Headphone and Aux inputs make practicing with any Catalyst amplifier easy and enjoyable.

The free Catalyst Edit application for desktop and mobile devices enables greater personalization, including deep editing of amplifier and effects parameters, and the ability to reassign the second button of the optional 2-button LFS2 Footswitch. Custom covers are also available for the amplifiers (sold separately).

Pricing & Availability

Catalyst 60: £342 (SRP)

Catalyst 100: £465 (SRP)

Catalyst 200: £603 (SRP)

LFS2 (footswitch): £44 (SRP)

Available now worldwide:

About Line 6, Inc.

For nearly a quarter of a century Line 6 has developed products that empower musicians to achieve their full creative potential—from the world’s first modeling amplifier and the iconic red POD to today’s Helix and HX families of guitar processors and Powercab active guitar speaker systems. These and other Line 6 products have received numerous accolades, including the Guitar WorldPlatinum Award, the Premier GuitarPremier Gear Award, and the Guitar PlayerEditors’ Pick Award.