Wilkinson’s Website Launch

Wilkinson is known worldwide for its high quality hardware that offers exceptional value and innovative solutions for the modern guitar and bass player.

Formed by, designer, inventor and guitarist Trev Wilkinson in 1984, Wilkinson products are used by literally thousands of players around the globe, and appear as chosen hardware on instruments from, Suhr, Yamaha, Reverend, Brian May Guitars, Ibanez, Dan Electro, Vintage and a host of other high quality brands.

June 2022 is a major milestone for Wilkinson with the launch of the company’s very first dedicated Wilkinson website, the site is a comprehensive insight into the substantial range of products available from the brand, offering detailed information on each item with the ability to purchase direct from the site.

We are so proud to finally be able to direct our customers to a dedicated home for our products” stated Wilkinson CEO Kate Wilkinson, adding “In the following months we will be adding more exciting products and services to our website, this is just the first step into a new medium for the brand”.

Visit www.wilkinsondirect.com for more details.